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Dark orange to brown urine can be a symptom of jaundicerhabdomyolysisor Gilbert's pee. Black or dark-colored urine is referred to as melanuria and may Strogn caused by a melanoma or non-melanin acute intermittent porphyria. Pinkish urine can result from the consumption of beets. Greenish urine can result from the consumption of asparagus or foods or beverages with green dyes. Reddish or brown urine may be caused by porphyria not to be confused with the harmless, temporary pink or reddish tint caused by beeturia. Blue urine can be caused by the ingestion of methylene blue e.

Blue urine stains can Steong caused by blue diaper syndrome. Purple urine may be due to purple urine bag syndrome. Dark urine due to low fluid intake. Dark red urine due to blood hematuria. Dark red urine due to choluria. Pinkish urine due to consumption of beetroots. Green urine during long term infusion of the sedative propofol. Odor Some time after leaving the body, urine may acquire a strong "fish-like" odor because of contamination with bacteria that break down urea into ammonia. This odor is not present in fresh urine of healthy individuals; its presence may be a sign of a urinary tract infection. For example, an individual with diabetes mellitus may present a sweetened urine odor.

This can be due to kidney diseases as well, such as kidney stones.

Pee jets Strong

Eating asparagus can cause a strong odor reminiscent of the vegetable caused by the body's breakdown of asparagusic acid. A diet which is high in protein from meat Strong pee jets dairy, as well as alcohol consumption can reduce urine pH, whilst potassium and organic acids such as from diets high in fruit and vegetables can increase the pH and make it more alkaline. Hazards Healthy urine is not toxic. After suitable processing it is possible to extract potable water from urine. The external sphincter can be contracted voluntarily, which will prevent urine from passing down the urethra. Experience of urination The need to urinate is experienced as an uncomfortable, full feeling. It is highly correlated with the fullness of the bladder.

In females the need to urinate is felt in the lower abdomen region when the bladder is full. When the bladder becomes too full, the sphincter muscles will involuntarily relax, allowing urine to pass from the bladder. Release of urine is experienced as a lessening of the discomfort. Disorders Painting showing the physician Constantine the African accepting urine samples for diagnosis Clinical conditions Many clinical conditions can cause disturbances to normal urination, including: Micturition syncopea vasovagal response which may cause fainting. Paruresisthe inability to urinate in the presence of others, such as in a public toilet. Bladder sphincter dyssynergiaa discoordination between the bladder and external urethral sphincter as a result of brain or spinal cord injury A drug that increases urination is called a diureticwhereas antidiuretics decrease the production of urine by the kidneys.

Experimentally induced disorders This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message There are three major types of bladder dysfunction due to neural lesions: In all three types the bladder contracts, but the contractions are generally not sufficient to empty the viscus completely, and residual urine is left in the bladder. Paruresisalso known as shy bladder syndrome, is an example of a bladder interruption from the brain that often causes total interruption until the person has left a public area.

As these people may have difficulty urinating in the presence of others and will consequently avoid using urinals directly adjacent to another person. Alternatively, they may opt for the privacy of a stall or simply avoid public toilets altogether. Deafferentation When the sacral dorsal roots are cut in experimental animals or interrupted by diseases of the dorsal roots such as tabes dorsalis in humans, all reflex contractions of the bladder are abolished.

Continental bondage is a short of dehydration. Uneasy and copious urine is simply a sign of traditional hydration.

A jete of dual myogenic and neurogenic components is proposed to explain the mode of action Stronng the vesicoureteric junction VUJ. The implication of this hypothesis is that it alters the scientific basis of the understanding of the VUJ. Furthermore, Stronf application of colour Doppler US to jet jets may provide a non-invasive technique to study the physiology or pathophysiology of the VUJ in humans. This might shed light on new novel approaches to the monitoring and treatment of diseases related to VUJ function. Ureteric jet, Vesicoureteric junction, Ultrasound, Doppler, Children Introduction When the bolus of urine being transmitted through the ureter reaches the terminal portion, it is ejected forcefully into the bladder through the vesicoureteric junction VUJ.

This creates a jet of urine that can be seen within the urinary bladder during cystoscopy and grey-scale ultrasonography US. You'll fool your body into thinking it's outside with this one small treadmill tweak. Here's proof that everybody could use a belly laugh. If you listen hard enough, you'll hear all kinds of health stories from 2.

Blame the hot water temperature for most of these health hazards. Just as you enjoy a toasty soak, bacteria and germs thrive in the cozy comforts of warm water, Rose says. A report on Legionella from the CDC says higher water temperatures make it more difficult to maintain the proper disinfectant levels required to kill off the microscopic creepy crawlies that can make you ill.

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