Prison teens

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Fake movie producer headed to prison for convincing teens to have sex with him

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Their parents can prevent them from making such choices through various means.

There are walls or fences around the schools, and the doors and gates are locked and have security guards making sure no students leave. For example, They are not free to choose where they live. They have committed no crime, yet their freedom is restricted in many ways. In some schools in the world, for example, in Thailand, Indonesia, and various countries in South America teenagers are literally locked in.

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A link to his writing is found below. I mention this because it Pgison how little the general public and the politicians understand cause and effect. Now it would be possible to set up legal systems to help teenagers find healthy and safe places to live and learn. Safe Travel In the past there were no organized, established systems to protect young people when traveling away from their parents. Also, in the USA it is increasingly common for teens to get life in prison as a legal punishment.

Teens Prison

Many teenagers in the world today tdens not free to do a wide variety of things, simply because of their age. They are not free to choose who they live with, what home or what country they live in. Suicidal teens, in particular, need more freedom than they have.

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