Colloid cancer breast

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Mucinous or Colloid Carcinoma

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If this is refused, I don't know what more I can do. There has been no move for pathology to test whether my cancer is of a 'pure' or 'mixed' sub-type and no tests have been done to determine whether it is sensitive to chaemotherapy Colloid cancer breast although I have been informed that chaemo will not work. I feel that I have exhausted all routes to get the diagnostic tests appropriate to detect this type of cancer and see no point in making treatment choices for one breast when the problems with the other are being ignored. Further to my disastrous appointment with the oncologist, I have since asked to be referred to see another oncologist, who I hope will actually show me the algorithms and help me to weigh up the benefits against the side-effects and complications and come up with a medically sound decision.

I cancelled the appointment with the psychiatrist, which was made for me against my wishes and, I also cancelled my first fast-track radiotherapy appointment, which was scheduled for last Monday, and again, made for me against my wishes - I will not be brow beaten into fast-track treatment, which may do me more harm than good, I do concur that if the research I have come across carries any weight then this paints a very different picture of mucinous cancer than previously thought and, I may eventually need to have radiotherapy, but it will be my decision, based on weighing up the odds and making an informed choice.

I am concerned that I mentioned the problems with my other breast at my first hospital appointment. That was over four months Coolloid, yet I am no further forward now than I was then. These survival rates are guidelines. Your survival rate and rate of recurrence depend on many factors that are unique to you. Your doctor can give you a better idea of your specific outlook. Symptoms of this type of cancer In the early stages, mucinous carcinoma may not have any symptoms. But eventually, there will be a noticeable lump from the tumor.

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Mucinous carcinoma can also be detected as a lump during a mammogram or MRI. The tumor, or lump, is the main symptom of mucinous carcinoma. The pure type consists almost exclusively of tumor tissue with extracellular mucin production, Collod the mixed subtype also contains an invasive ductal epithelial component without mucin. It has a better prognosis than invasive breast carcinoma of no special type 34. Some mucinous breast carcinomas mainly mixed type are associated with lobular or ductal neoplasia in situ or invasive and some have neuroendocrine differentiation 5.

Mucinous breast carcinoma associated with lobular neoplasia components seems to be a biologically distinct subset that frequently shows decreased cell to cell adhesion, loss of cell polarity molecules and lack of neuroendocrine differentiation.

Cancer breast Colloid

The purpose cancwr this paper is to show canxer last 5-year experience of the Department of Pathology of the Emergency University Hospital of Bucharest regarding mucinous breast carcinoma with its histological and immunohistochemical particularities. The medical records of 25 patients with invasive mucinous breast cancer who underwent surgery were reviewed. The data collection and processing were made through Microsoft Office Excel We evaluated demographic age at diagnosisclinical data, surgical treatment and pathological findings.

All patients were postmenopausal women at the time of diagnosis.

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