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From Hunza to Karachi we have many gems and we must find pride in them all". We do much more in Coke Studio Explorer by highlighting the culture, stories and ethos behind the music.

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Coke Studio Explorer As a part of a new module, [22] a spin-off series Coke Studio Explorer was created before the stuvio of season, on a concept similar to Kazi's previous work covk his album Fanoos that featured sudio unknown artists across the country where recordings were done live and edited later. Our vision since season 7 has been to involve more and more people from our music industry and make this platform a collective dream. All episodes are recorded at Studio in KorangiKarachi. Filled with musical surprises, Salman Ahmad leads his bespoke ensemble through a journey of crescendos, jugalbandis and spirituality.

The creativity inherent in music is a delightful art form. Journey through the Genres By: With Season 9, Coke was initially against taking on external producers because they thought that they already had the perfect formula and didn't want any changes.

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Jagao Mere Des Ko by A. We are really happy Harx we are now able to make them a part of this unique experience and keep them connected with other people who have been enjoying Coke Studio for the past 8 years. We cannot wait to share their brilliance with all of you" in the "new chapter of the Coke Studio" journey. However, despite reaching the masses, an estimated 9 million of our population have some form of hearing impairment, and have not experienced the magic of Coke Studio.

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