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Do you have any suggestions on ways to cope with this issue? Because in the end they will say whatever they want anyway and it will be all your fault.

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If she is sleeping well once she is in bed, I would not force her to bed earlier. Protein deficiency is exceedingly rare, except in starvation conditions. Is it important to cut back on physical activity now to keep it from getting worse? We just had a big fight and everyone went to their rooms, but my daughter bit me and hit me. Sometimes the month and occasionally the 9-month visits are skipped if there are no concerns, and the immunizations could be given at other visits. The suggestions your doctor made seem reasonable.

Should I be concerned and start giving him vitamin supplements? Did I make them this way? If ear infections suckiny or there is lots of fluid, you MIGHT be able to notice that her hearing is not as good as in the past. One evening I was chopping vegetables with a large knife while my kids played on the floor in the kitchen.

You might try just a decongestant. Then he should not have any pathologic problem that needs to be further evaluated. I suspect she is not wiping correctly but am wondering if allergies could be in play here? The fact that the Milk of Magnesia worked to solve the problem is important. Some kids have underarm odor earlier than others.

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Assuming your son has been seeing his pediatrician at least yearly, your cick would already have intervened if this was an issue. There are medications for use in this problem as well as excellent bed-wetting alarms. I do not agree with keeping him on formula. My year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter disease in her knees. She continues to breastfeed.

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