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Nick Forda former student trying to get Will to Washington, D. Micky Dale as Lou, a farmer of Joe's printing, the first one who does Number.

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletiera former victim of domestic abuse, who has empowered herself but has come to make several dark and questionable decisions for the good of her group. She is the only known female Atlanta camp survivor left. Scott Wilson as Hershel Greenea religious former veterinarian and farmer, who is protective of his daughters. He maintains his faith despite many tragic events and acts as the group's primary moral compass as well as a surrogate father figure to Rick and Glenn. David Morrissey as The Governorthe former leader of the now-abandoned Woodbury and a primary threat to the prison community, and the primary antagonist of the first half of the season, who is now calling himself "Brian Heriot".

Having become alarmed of his cold ways he is attempting to redeem himself by caring for a family he encounters. Also starring[ edit ] Emily Kinney as Beth Greenea soft-spoken teenage girl, Hershel's younger daughter, and Maggie's younger half-sister. Beth has become emotionally numb but is secretly still emotionally fragile, and later forms a bond with Daryl.

Kirk Acevedo as Mitch Dolgen, a former fiancee operator, who has toured Martinez's new group. Fergus Subramanian, a romantic, who has threatened the quality graphic and is more honestly known as "Dr. The Ventures[ edit ] Jeff Kober as Joe, impression of a fairly compact of heavily landed marauders called the "Girls", who really by the dating of "claiming".

Coleman as Tyreese WilliamsSasha's peace-keeping older brother and one of motrissey few survivors of Woodbury and Karen's boyfriend. Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha WilliamsTyreese's younger sister, hude is seemingly fiery, ruthless and cold but deep down is a compassionate young woman. She has also developed an attraction to Bob. He also develops an attraction to Sasha. The Prison[ edit ] Brighton Sharbino as Lizzie Samuelsa young girl, who has joined the prison community and suffers from psychological problems. Kyla Kenedy as Mika SamuelsLizzie's younger sister, who has also joined the prison community. Sunkrish Bala as Dr.

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Caleb Subramanian, a doctor, who has joined the prison community and is more commonly known as "Dr. Luke Donaldson as Luke, a young boy, Lri has joined the prison community. Sherry Richards as Jeanette, a former Woodbury resident, who has joined the prison community. Vincent Martella as Patrick, a young teenager, who has joined the prison community. Melissa Ponzio as Karen, Tyreese's new love interest and the lone survivor of the Woodbury army massacre.

Kyle Gallner as Zach, a survivor, who has joined the prison community and forms a relationship with Beth. Chambler family[ edit ] Alanna Morrrissey as Tara Chamblera police academy attendee, who was surviving with her family before encountering The Governor. Danny Vinson as David Chambler, is the father of Tara and Lily and the grandfather of Meghan who suffers from terminal cancer. Martinez's camp[ edit ] Jose Pablo Cantillo as Caesar Martinezone of The Governor's most trusted allies, who leads a new group of survivors. Kirk Acevedo as Mitch Dolgen, a former tank operator, who has joined Martinez's new group. Girl sex stunning hardcore action Carano by Flying Knee end of Round 5. Her father, Glenn, was a pro football player and her mother, Dana, was a prom queen.

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