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He refused to move his lips when it came time to mime "See Emily Play" on Boone's show. It was the band's first experience playing large stadiums, whose size caused unease in the band.

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During this period, huunks by the group's need to extend their sets to minimise song repetition, the band realised that "songs could be extended with lengthy solos", wrote Mason. Geesin worked to improve the score, but with little creative input from the band, production was troublesome. He saw Margaret Thatcher 's response to the invasion of the Falklands as jingoistic and unnecessary, and dedicated the album to his late father. Waters used his own vehicle to arrive at the venue and stayed in different hotels from the rest of the band.

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According to Gilmour, the answer was "Nah, let's not bother", signalling the end of Barrett's tenure with Pink Floyd. The animated sequences would remain, but scenes would be acted by professional actors with no dialogue. Which none of the others could do", wrote biographer Nicholas Schaffner. Wright composed " See-Saw " and " Remember a Day ". Mason's failing marriage left him in a general malaise and with a sense of apathy, both of which interfered with his drumming. The group initially hoped that his erratic behaviour would be a passing phase, but some were less optimistic, including Jenner and his assistant, June Childwho commented: Smith disagreed, stating that Barrett was unresponsive to his suggestions and constructive criticism.

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