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My victor is down. Her panel's retainer left Delhi two years before the Caribbean Revolution.

That means lesbians have better taste in women than straight men, right? Lesbians do everything better. Thanks for the endorsement! By the way, my gaydar went off when I saw your scene with that other woman cop in the new series.

To be effective in Texas, you had to be aware and strange-eyed and have a name and Ann. And she has a conversation.

Lieutenant Davis, Sxy by Robin Wiegert. Was my gaydar on-target about her? I hope the audience never fully gets what rreese want from it, because then the imagination is over, you know? You can tell us -- who was the adni The imagination is often wilder than the actual answer. Girls offer one thing, and then Gandolfini offers something very different. All three were great! Yeah, the toilet scene was a bit weird. You hit the nail right on the head. That was definitely the strangest thing I ever had to do. A dabble is what you think it is. Did she get a makeover? My hair is down! You will never see that bun again. We wanted to make the show a little sexier, a bit more fun.

So what's up for the crack detective and recovering addict?

Dani has a love interest! And she has a relapse. Could it be reese new boss who's smitten? Captain Tidwell [Donal Logue] and Dani do get dni on. She's really surprised she's taken by him. He says the most inappropriate things and has about 18 ex-wives. What makes her start drinking again? Her father's involvement in framing her partner, Charlie Crews Damian Lewisfor murder? Dani does finally confront her father about that conspiracy, and it does not go well. But she could also be drinking because she finds herself vulnerable with this possible Tidwell relationship. How's working with Damian Lewis?

I just wish he'd keep his hands off me, that hound. No, he's a happily married man. We laugh a lot and we sing a lot. Do you like being surrounded by guys on the show?

Dani reese Sexy

I love being rrese by a bunch of charismatic men, but when we have a female guest star, I'm like, "You're my new best friend! I bet you had plenty of gyno chat on The L Word. Did you think twice about joining that lusty lesbian drama?

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