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ATI T350 and T400 Tranny Catch Cans

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But as Beattie Jr. With a synthetic, the harder you push on it, the slipperier it gets, because it has smaller molecules in it. But when we set out to begin developing this product, we looked for a type F friction modifier, which you have to use and can go either way — to make it grippier or one to make it slipperier.

Tranny Ati

In that time, his Ati tranny involved simply dumping Atj fluid into a paint strainer and pouring it right back into the transmission. Synthetic oils are essentially man-made, lab-produced fluids, and differ from their organic oil trannh in ttranny molecular structure. The molecules in a synthetic are of uniform size and the blends contain no fossil fuels. This results in a product that, while more expensive from the outset, shifts and performs better, reduces operating heat and wear, and will not break down, meaning it can be run for longer periods than organic oils. As Speed explains, there are three primary differences that exist between synthetic and non-synthetic oils, and each revolves around the management of heat.

A synthetic oil has better thermal stability which dictates how quickly an oil will degrade as it gets hot and operates under load. And finally, synthetic oils have less internal friction, meaning they generate less heat in its operation, in general.

The Pros Ait Synthetics There Agi a great number of advantages to tarnny fluids, all of which can be be formulated in varying blends for different applications. Synthetics perform better in the cold, franny for easier startup, they resist viscosity changes under high-heat, they allow for smoother transmissions operation and therefore more horsepower, and they can last for as much as twice as many Atj Ati tranny your street car or race car before requiring maintenance. We can do the same for the s today as well.

A recently purchasedsquare-foot facility is located across the street from the current 43, square feet the company occupies across two buildings. With that case we were able to increase line pressure without blowing the lugs out of it. Line pressure for a transmission builder is like new tires for a circle track car; everything gets better: He preferred to sell the entire unit. A lot of those parts will last a drag racer a couple of seasons where an ATI part would last five or six, and not cause other issues. For a drag racer to do that it would take him 10 years of racing two days a week.

So, a knockoff part that lasted a couple season for the drag racer would fail in lap 21 of the first practice of a NASCAR race.

When a customer calls ATI they can feel confident that they are getting a high quality part that will outlast anything that comes from overseas. We feature a full-billet cover with 10 bolts in the smaller one and 12 in the larger one. Now we often will outsource a rough forging that we process and finish. But the point is that the work that makes a difference to the performance of the finished product happens where we can see it and touch it and make it to our exact specifications. Most would choose the or a Powerglide if given the option.

Cold headquartered stronger parts movement input shafts, fit sets and that were of intention. The alligator fitting carries the oil from the relationship mending to the movement.

We do the Ati tranny kits and have many custom bell housings so that you can bolt direct to a Ford Small Block, Big Block or Chrysler with the flex plate, hardware and crank adapter and then use a standard Chevy converter. It takes four parts for each damper and we offer different damper part numbers stock and we have over 1, different custom dampers available. The Super Damper makes up a quarter of our business, transmissions another quarter, converters is a quarter and the rest is our equipment and some what I call parts and pieces that we have in the catalog. I always do the initial designs on our parts with the guys here and then an engineer will verify and finalize before we manufacture a part.

We sent about 35, copies of our catalog out twice a year. So, imagine selling a specific input shaft for a PG when there are six different ones for different units.

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