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Your featured image will be the poxt representation of the post that it is assigned to. It will plst become the default image pictuge will automatically be used when your posts are shared from your site thumnbail social media. Your WordPress featured image will become the visual representation of your blog post. While some themes will automatically display your featured image at the top of your blog post one of my sites does thismany will not; you can manually enter your featured image into your post if you want it to show up there. Some themes like the Kindred theme, pictured here will automatically display your featured image at the top of your content within each blog post. You must manually set your featured image for each post.

If you insert the featured image into your post yourself, placing it either at the very top of the post or within the first 3 paragraphs is ideal. You can add in Alt Text and titles just as you would with any other images in the post.

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When a smaller size is specified the original full sized animated GIF image is served. Whether the animated GIF image is subsequently scaled to fit the allotted space belongs to the capabilities of the receiving browser. Resizing an animated GIF image will significantly reduce its quality, without any reduction of download time. When there are two or more "size" options, only the last one is valid. For non-thumbnails, use the native size of the image. If you set Factor equal to the image's aspect ratio width divided by height the result is equivalent to scaling the height to be equal to the normal thumbnail width. The upright option only works with the thumb or frameless parameter see Type.

The image will keep its original aspect ratio. The link option allows the reader to be taken instead to a different page, such as a fuller image from which the thumbnail was cropped, or to a full document of which the thumbnail was a single page or crop of a single page. Do not enclose the page name in square brackets. If Page is a URL, the reader will be taken outside the project; this is not normally done in article space. Alt text and caption Zero or more of these options may be specified to control the alt text, link title, and caption for the image. Captions may contain embedded wiki markup, such as links or formatting.

Captions for discussion of appropriate caption text. Alternative text for images for discussion of appropriate alt text. Internet Explorer displays the link title as a tooltip but other browsers may not. Caption the last option that is not recognised as some other part of the image syntax: How this text is used depends on the image type.

Picture post thumbnail Gay

When the type has a visible caption "thumbnail", "thumb", "frame" or "framed" then this text appears as a caption below the image. The actual alt text for thimbnail displayed image will be one of the following, Gay picture post thumbnail order of preference: The pozt requested Alt, if any; The explicitly requested Caption, if the image type has no visible caption; The empty string, if there is an explicitly requested Caption and the image type has a visible caption. The image file picfure if there is no explicitly requested Alt or Caption.

This is never a satisfactory option. It is possible to specify the link title text only for images with no visible caption as described above. However, as not all browsers display this text, and it is ignored by screen readers, there is little point. Audio and video files should use timed text. This section does not display properly on the mobile version of Wikipedia Using the basic syntax The most basic example uses the syntax [[File: This does not scale the image or allow text to wrap around it. This is not normally appropriate in an article. This is rendered inline, and the specified text is used as the image's alt attribute alternate text for programs which cannot display images, such as screen readers and as the title attribute supplementary text, often displayed as a tooltip when the mouse is over the image.

Above, the image of the Thames was put into its own paragraph. This isn't mandatory; images can sit inline in text, as shown below. The Palace of Westminster]] text text text text text [[File: Caption text Aligning thumbnails to fit into text The Palace of Westminster This is the style most familiar to readers. As shown on in the example image, the image is framed, is an appropriate size, and has text able to wrap around it. A caption is properly integrated. The important part of this is the thumb parameter:

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