Breast hyadatid cyst

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Unusual Presentation of Hydatid Cyst in Breast with Magnetic Resonance Imaging Findings

Int Surg ; We saw the unstable membrane and find vesicles and used them.

A hydatid cyst of the breast may have an appearance indistinguishable from a benign cyst Breeast US. However, the presence of a thicker and more laminated hyaadatid than a simple cyst and a thin layer Breaat calcification within rBeast lesion may suggest a hydatid cyst [ 12 ]. Magnetic resonance imaging MRI may be hjadatid helpful; a well-circumscribed cystic cst with capsular enhancement suggests hydatid cyst but this appearance resembles a breast abscess on Breaast [ 13 ]. Surgery is still the most Bresst therapy hywdatid hydatid disease which exists in any location [ 137 ]. The principal objectives of Breast hyadatid cyst surgical treatment are total removal of all parasitic elements, avoidance of spillage of the contents of the cyst, and removal of the cyst with maximum conservation of the stricken organ.

The management of a residual pericyst cavity is another Breast hyadatid cyst concept. One of the aims of surgery in pancreatic disease is maintaining pancreatic exocrine and endocrine functions. Partial or total cystectomy, cytoenteric anastomosis, marsupilization and external drainage have been reported in the management of pancreatic hydatid cysts [ 2 ]. We totally excised the cysts and no communication was present between the cyst and the pancreatic duct. The cavity was filled with omentum and the completely healed cavity was observed one year after the surgery.

In hydatid disease of the breast, total cyst excision is the choice of treatment. But it may be confused with a simple breast cyst and may be aspirated for diagnosis and treatment. The diagnosis of breast hydatid cyst by fine needle aspiration biopsy has even been reported [ 14 ] but contamination risk should always be kept in mind. One of the main problems in patients with a hydatid cyst is the recurrence of the disease. Spillage of protoscoleces from the cyst during surgery can lead to implantation and dissemination of Echinococcus.

Perioperative chemotherapy using albendazole has been shown to decrease the incidence of recurrent disease [ 15 ]. However, albendazole may not prevent disease recurrence in a distant site, as in our case. After pancreatic surgery, we administered albendazole to the patient for two months and we thought that this short course of therapy might have contributed to the recurrence. We recommended albendazole treatment for six months after the breast surgery. No recurrence was detected after two years.

But, we are still wondering what the primary source of the disease was and have followed the patient with annual CT images of the thorax, abdomen and even the brain. But she seems to be free of the disease. Follow-up studies should be complemented with serological tests. Only few reports are published and majority of the reported cases have been diagnosed postoperatively.

Cyst Breast hyadatid

We report a case of hydated cyst of the breast diagnosed preoperatively by core needle biopsy with no complication. Full radiology workup is also provided which includes mammography, ultrasound, and computed tomography CT images. Patient and observation A year-old female patient known case of hypertension and diabetic mellitus presented to our institute with palpable mass in the left breast associated with pain of long duration. There was no nipple discharge, or fever. No history of breast trauma, hormone replacement therapy, or family history of breast cancer. On physical examination, large palpable mass is identified within the left breast with regular borders.

Diagnosis by fine needle aspiration biopsy is controversial. Although not recommended by many authors, FNAB can provide a safe pre-operative diagnosis and may show cuticle-wall structures with a diagnostic appearance, but scolices are less likely to be identified in the aspirated materials 18 However, demonstration of hooklets is a definitive diagnostic sign of a hydatid cyst 518 Here, the diagnosis of a hydatid cyst was established by FNAB and confirmed by pathological study in one of the patients. In two cases, the diagnosis of a hydatid cyst was made after core needle biopsy.

These patients did not show any significant complications after FNAB or core needle biopsy of the breast lesions, which is consistent with the results of previous studies 520 Treatment of breast hydatid disease is based on complete surgical excision and medical therapy with anthelmintic drugs such as Albendazole and Mebendazole 9. In conclusion, hydatid cysts in the breast are rare, but should be included in the differential diagnosis for breast masses, especially in countries where the disease is endemic. As the cysts grow slowly, they are usually confused with cystic lesions due to mammary fibrocystic changes or benign breast masses. When ring-shaped structures are not present, the mammographic findings are not specific.

Sonographic features are variable and usually non-specific, and the definitive diagnosis should be confirmed by pathological study. Acknowledgements We would like to thank our colleagues in the departments of surgery and pathology at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences. The authors would also like to extend their appreciation to Ms. Hassanpour for her contributions in editing the manuscript. Acquisition, analysis and interpretation of the data and drafting of the manuscript: Cytodiagnosis of isolated primary hydatid cyst of breast masquerading as a breast neoplasm: It affects generally women in the age group of years [ 6 ].

Paraclinically, mammography and ultrasound may be helpful but not conclusive. Mammography may show a circumscribed mass lesion with ring-shaped cywt inside hyaadtid mass [ 9 ]. When secondary infection occurs, the hydatid cyst cannot be distinguished from breast abscess by mammography [ 10 ]. The ultrasound findings vary: Separation of the ruptured endocyst layer from the ectocyst leads to a free floating membrane which produces the so-called water lily sign [ 11011 ]. MRI findings can be helpful but not specific. The findings of cystic lesion with capsular enhancement are suggestive of hydatid cyst.

The capsular enhancement is more typical with secondary infection. Sonography and MRI have an important diagnostic role with giving additional information about internal structure of hydatid cyst rather than CT and mammography [ 1 ]. Serological investigations — indirect hemagglutination test, may be used for diagnosis and in the follow-up of patient [ 6 ]. Preoperative diagnosis can be made by fine needle aspiration cytology scoliosis, hooklets or laminated membrane can be identifiedbut the use of fine needle aspiration is controversial. In epidemic areas, it should be consider among differential diagnosis while evaluating breast lumps.

Delayed diagnosis and untreated hydatid cyst can cause serious complications related to cyst rupture and hence anaphylactic shock. Uncommon Locations and Presentations of Hydatid Cyst.

The cash hooked an unsuccessful heavy with Albendazol for three years postoperatively. It might cheerful fibroadenoma, predators claimants, converse abscesses, or even dynamic.

Annals of Medical and Health Sciences Research. Hydatid disease of breast. Indian J Radiology Imaging.

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