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At the end of the workday, nued must remove all work clothes before entering shower facility, then exit nude through a metal detector to a separate changeroom where street clothes are stored. It is less offensive to clients than requiring them to undergo an overt strip search.

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The shower serves to make the strip search less blatant as well as providing the additional benefit of removing contamination in addition to removing weapons or other contraband. For detainees pending trial, there must be a reasonable suspicion that the detainee is in possession of weapons or other contraband before a strip search can be conducted. Incidental strip searches[ edit ] In order to bypass the legal reasonable suspicion requirement, and because strip searches can be humiliating, the search is often made less overt, as part of an intake process, that includes a mandatory shower. Security procedures at facilities that mine and process gold and other high value minerals may constitute an incidental strip search.

If there is reason to suspect hidden objects, the person is then taken to a private room, which consists of: The more disputed legal cases have often involved the presence of people of the other gender during a strip search.

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Many shelters require new arrivals to hand over all their clothing for a wash, as well as requiring them to have a shower. For example, most prisons also searchd a mandatory shower along with a change of clothes. Courts have often held that blanket strip searches are acceptable only for convicted persons. Another legal issue is that of blanket strip searches, such as in jails where detainees are routinely strip searched prior to conviction of a crime. These rules also enable a discreet check for weapons or other contraband, with less legal implications, being less objectionable because the requirement is applied to everyone entering a facility.

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