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Pregnancy - if he didn't ejaculate can I still become pregnant from pre-ejaculation?

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I started the pill after my period, on the 7th day i had unprotected sex, he did not finish inside of me but i am just worried if i could get pregnant. At first month I used Cybelle and then on the second month i bought althea but i did not start it right away after the 7 pill free days. I took my first althea pill last june 30 and had unprotected sex last july Is there any chance of getting pregnant? I took my pills on time everyday and no missed pills. Mikay July 23, at I first used cybelle but on the 2nd month i used althea. I did not start althea pills right after the 7 pill free days. I started the first althea pills last june Lasy july 15, me and my boyfriend had an unprotected sex and he came inside me.

On my period calendar my period should be on july Am I pregnant or it is just an effect of not starting the pills right after the 7 pill free days or just an effect of changing my pills.

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Dana July 27, at Cu, Unable to bear the side effects on the first intake, I stopped and 2 days after, I had premature withdrawal bleeding. I was okay with that, insid it only felt like I just had a regular period. I planned to throw the pack and not use it anymore, but I ended up not throwing it anyway lol. SH shadowedblue 3 Aug I first had sex Cum inside now almost a month a go and I had weird feelings okay So I had sex July 9 and then the next week I had sex 15th and 17th and then I got my period on that Friday. My boyfriend was wearing a condom and it broke I had him check it twice and the second time he checked he saw it broke.

And it scared him badly cause he thought I was pregnant and my mom would take me away from him and That's when I had to look up if pre cum would get me pregnant. And I got him to calm down. But I have had those weird feelings where it I wouldn't know know how to describe it cause it doesn't really itch but it feel like it craves sex but it certainly was sore, my vagina that is, cause your stretching your walls inside and it hurts the first time and you have sex again It's gonna hurt the first few mins but it is So much easier after the first time.

But I was feeling kinda like what you were saying. If the condom didn't break then you should be fine. Before this she was close to having her period and I think she was late already, before having sex. Now, we had sex but because it hurt her too much I stopped and I didn't go fully in. I didn't ejaculate and I'm sure that I put the condom on properly. She still hasn't had a period and its been a week since: SH shadowedblue 21 Aug I have pain when I go back into having sex after a couple days and if she's stressed out that might be a symptom of late period but best thing to do is to get a pregnancy test just to be sure that she isn't.

Hope indide women well JA Jackie 10 Apr No one saw for a judgmental and entering hush. How much is the opportunity of political lucrative in my family?.

You kinda already did. I had sex with my fiance on my ovulation insode. For previous reasons we didn't go very noa. Needless to say I was still upset about something so he stopped to hug me. Because we stopped he didn't ejaculate. Could I still be pregnant especially having I be my ovulation day? GE Gemma 11 Apr I have a question two days ago I had sex with this guy and we used a condom the first time but did it again I went and got the after morning pill today but my the health nurse thinks I'm fertile I'm really scared because I'm fertile does this mean I could be pregnant even if he didn't cum? SM smileyhappy 21 May If you feel responsible enough to have sex, you should be responsible enough to have proper protection and safe sex.

It's time for you to see your doctor to discuss what you want to use for sex.

You don't want an unplanned pregnancy. I don't know if your boyfriend has had sex before? If so he should be checked to make sure he has no sexual deseases that he can pass to you. You don't want those either. Don't want to scare you but you need to think about this before you have sex. Hope all goes well JA Jackie 10 Apr No one asked for a judgmental and demeaning response. It would be more helpful to rephrase what is said through an understanding but stern voice. Women don't need to feel bad about sex. They just need information AL Alex 2 May My Girlfriend and i having sex during her period without condom but i didn't ejaculate inside her. SA sabyria 11 Jul excuse me but unplanned is not a bad thing.

No one said anything about them not be able to love their child.

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