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Valentine Party Games for Teens

The exit and valenhine person of the answer should be ruined. Is there anyone in your store who would do this. It is a bit like but funny!.

Once the team has found their items, inform them they need to Gaame an original Valentine's Day poem using each of the items they gathered in valntine poem. You can have the guests write the poems individually or as a group. Then, read them aloud to everyone for some big group laughs. Heart Candy Guess Use your favorite valentine candy to fill a glass container. Pass the container around the party and have guests write down how many candies they think are in the container. The person who guesses the closest wins and gets to take the candy home.

For the Couples Valentine's Day can also be all about romance. The first person to identify herself wins the game. Have guests write down as many as they can identify within 30 seconds; the winner is the guest with the most correct answers. Teens with raging hormones still may be shy around other teens. To give them a chance to keep a close eye on others without freaking them out, play "Steal My Heart.

They must then find valenitne "secret" Valentine by navigating with everyone, to find out whose purpose they have. An theologian with the aim of atom some things wet.

Every time a person is caught crossing her legs, she loses a sticker valentune the person who caught her. Fetch Game teen valentine large juice bottle and push notes of paper valentije tasks on Gamw into the bottle. The points awarded for the tasks are also written on the note, E. Roses are red, violets are blue Everyone sits in a big Gwme. Split the group into two teams. A player should spin the bottle valentne bottle top. The person who the bottle points at must take a valenfine from the bottle and Game teen valentine the task to win the relevant points for his team.

If someone does Gamr want to perform the task he puts the note back in the bottle. The team loses ten points. Play the game until all of the tasks have been completed. The team with the most points wins. A charade for chocolate! Split the group into teams and choose a volunteer from each team who should act out sayings without speaking. If they are right, they receive two points. If not, the other team has the chance to win a bonus point if they know what the phrase is. Try of true love Aim: An icebreaker with the aim of getting some players wet. Table, tray with water Game: Explain that this is test to find out where romance is in the air and find out who loves who in the group.

Choose two volunteers of each sex from the group and ask them to come to the front. They should all pull one hair from their heads and place it on the edge of the tray on the water. On your signal, they should all blow their own hair across the water. If two hairs come into contact, this means there is a true romance or a deep friendship members of the same sex. While the volunteers are blowing, you hit the tray with a flat hand and all of them get wet.

It is a valentjne mean but funny! To show three principles which should help keep feelings under control. The copy of the sheet should be filled out in small groups together with a leader. The results can also be discussed within the group. Give each group a couple of minutes time to think up a sketch or a pantomime to show what love is e.

Afterwards each of sketches should be performed. Each team only performs one sketch before the next team has a go. They take turns to perform a sketch starting with the first team again once all have had a go. The team who can perform the most sketches without repeating a theme has won. Three types of love Aim: To show that unconditional love is the best type of love. Cut out three large hearts from cardboard and write the words: Keep this part as short as possible. Explain that people can love in three different ways which you want to present. What better way to get it going than some fun, love filled games?

Kids Valentine's Day Party Games Valentine Bingo This game requires a little more work than most but is definitely fun for the little ones. Cut out enough cards so that each child will get one. Now draw at least twenty squares on the cards. For example, a heart, cupcake, cupid, candy, flower, lovebird…etc. Make sure to make a copy of the image on a small square to use as your calling cards later.

Valentine Game teen

Give each child a small box of candy hearts or other candy, as markers. Mix the calling cards in a bowl and let the fun begin. Everyone wins in this game Gwme they keep the candy afterwards. Make sure to leave a blank heart on his chest. Cut out a heart for each child participating, felt works well for this and is cheap and easy to work with. Put a piece of double sided tape on the back of each heart. You will need a piece of cloth to tie over the eyes or a blindfold. Have the children step u one by one and spin them in a circle and let them try to pin the heart on cupid.

The closest to his heart wins.

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