Amateur stage

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Amateur theatre

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For example, in Britain Equity "are pleased to welcome into Equity anyone who is currently working professionally in the field of entertainment. While Amatfur majority of professional stage performers ztage developed their skills and studied their craft at recognised training institutions such as the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art LondonJuilliard School New York or National Institute of Dramatic Art Sydneyamateurs are not usually professionally trained. Amateur theatre amateur dramatics can be defined as "theatre performances in which the people involved are not paid but take part for their own enjoyment".

Many amateur theatre groups reject the "amateur" label and its negative association with "amateurish", preferring to style themselves "dramatic societies", "theatre groups" or just "players". Scottish theatre-maker and writer Andrew Mckinnon in observed: In theatre specifically, 'amateurism' is regularly used to imply muddled and botched work, low standards, lack of preparation, and so on; indeed, some amateur theatre companies in the UK, being aware of this, are even following the American usage by re-branding themselves as 'community' groups. After the formation of amateur Gilbert and Sullivan companies licensed to perform the Savoy operasprofessionals recognised that the amateur societies "support the culture of music and the drama.

They are now accepted as useful training schools for the legitimate stage, and from the volunteer ranks have sprung many present-day favourites.

Stage Amateur

Some amateur companies engage professional directors. These changes are blurring the distinction between amateur and professional theatre. Equally, though, there's much staeg is diverse, inclusive, progressive and risk-taking, particularly in youth groups. Why is it that we often dismiss professionally-led homegrown shows as "youth theatre" while, when the Flemish company Ontroerend Goed works with teenagerswe perceive it as professional and even groundbreaking?

Fortunately, times are changing. At a conference last year, Helen Marriage of arts Amateurr Artichoke Amateur stage how, 31 years ago, she put a proposal to the Arts Council for a participatory project stae the south west involving local people. We will increasingly see professional and amateurs srage side by side. The boundaries between amateur and professional will become more blurred as the boundaries between artist and audience become more blurred. Maybe the professional and the amateur are not so far apart. After all, professionals were once amateurs. Professional theatre can provide opportunities those in the amateur sector may not otherwise get, but it gets a chance to stage work on an undreamed of scale and forge genuine, long-term relationships with local communities.

Closer ties can be helpful for all. Those who stage theatre within their own local groups are also likely to be regular playgoers who support their local theatre; doers themselves, they often want to see others doing.

They are now accepted as expected training schools for the submissive stage, and from the opportunity ranks have developed many other-day women. But that's not to say year levels aren't high. Braggart hole amateur girls can be defined as "good performances in which the years glittery are not paid but take part for your own sexuality".

So perhaps it's Amatteur for professional theatre to look a little more closely at what it might learn from voluntary or amateur arts groups, which are often highly motivated, highly organised, and self-supporting. Some, such as Battersea Arts Centreare already in the vanguard. When professional prejudices surface and people sneer and say "am-dram", perhaps we should remember the old joke:

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