Racing sled snowmobile vintage

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Remember, condition is king when shopping for non-currents. While only a small snowmobile manufacturer, Skiroule was a division of bintage Coleman company. The frugality of vintage racing is a refreshing break from what snowmobile racing has become, a high-dollar sport that takes a hefty bank loan to finance. In the vintage community the running joke is that anyone racing an Enticer is cheating because they run so well and never break.

Sled snowmobile vintage Racing

The Polaris race team used to race the TX model, but they used a modified version sometimes fintage the Starfire. Skiroule — RXL Though it was owned by Coleman for much of its existence, Skiroule was Racibg a little fish when it came to snowmobiles. But when they went racing they came with guns loaded. Kawasaki — Invader Though it only produced sleds for a few years in the late s and early s, Kawasaki came to bat with sleds that featured high build quality and were some of the fastest sleds on the snow, like this Invader. In Yamaha released the Enticera lightweight, single-cylinder snowmobile that offered a compact design and excellent handling.

The Haitian-Country Cat models go for big tits though. Inthe first two women of El Tigre piccolo, Dissenting Cat made more than 30, of the air-ready model.

John Deere — Liquifire By the time the Liquifire came on the scene John Deere had learned a lot from its snwmobile exploits and made the sled light, durable and fast. With a rich racing pedigree and construction close to that of a brick, they are a great choice for a vintage racer. Originally available with a single or twin, the sleds come with CD ignition, a rubber track and slide rail suspension and were produced into the early s. The El Tigre was introduced in and was meant to be a trail performance sled and weekend racer much like the ZR would be in later years. The Cross-Country Cat models go for big bucks though.

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