To-go box for amateur radio

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A Ham Radio Go-Box Packed with Functionality

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The advantage of this is that all devices can be mounted in a stable manner and a stable ground is available. SDR radios and computers are sensitive to radio frequency. The stable ground and ferrite cores around the connecting cables have completely eliminated these problems. A small and extremely powerful device with analog-to-digital converter, DSP, ARM processor, and a intern sound card for digital modes. For digital modes of operation, 5 watts, for worldwide contacts, are usually completely sufficient. Sometimes it makes sense to apply a little more power, however.

For this purpose, an additional power amplifier HLA Plus was installed, which generates up to watts of power. I chose the version without a fixed fan for space reasons. For Dustin, Mike, and Lucas, ham radio was like a gateway into an invisible dimension, and an alien one, allowing them to connect wirelessly with some simple electronic components. What will it be about for you? Perhaps a great opportunity to learn about basic electronics? The Basics of Ham Radio For those interested in wireless technology and tinkering, ham radio provides a solid introduction to basic electronics theory and radio communications knowledge.

You likely know about ham radio for one of its most vital uses, serving as a reliable communication system when disaster strikes. During times of crisis, when our fragile cellular networks and power grids limp along, ham radio keeps on running. Ham radio is doing what it does best in times of crisis. Image source The uses for ham radio extend far beyond emergency situations though. An astronaut traveling on board will typically bring a watt handheld ham radio with them. And by holding the radio to the window, which positions its antenna in the line of sight with other radios down on earth, a lone man flying through space can chat with those of us on the ground with this amazing simple technology.

Some ham radio operators get their kicks by bouncing radio waves off of the moon communicate with others around the world. Other ham operators will take part in contests to see how many hams they can connect with in distant locations. With some newer transmission technologies you can also send digital signal around the world to share things like pictures, without ever needing wireless internet. I believe that the person made it in a sound system rack case, kind of like this one. I am not really going to go into great detail on these, because there is so much variety that you can do depending on your needs and there are so many pictures and YouTube videos out there one what people have done that it would just be better if I gave you links on some things that I have found as well as some of the links that yall have sent in.

Richard is a fellow Texan, actually lives just about 30 miles north of me.

Amateur for radio box To-go

He has also made an off-the-grid power source for it, and a way to keep it charged. Our good friend Cale from the Fo-Time Podcast sent me Too-go link. You could just as easily mounted any of the newer small profile HF rigs popular today. You can see it on amtaeur lower left side of the picture. The box is held in with velcro until Radoi decide on a permanent location. I don't like cutting the radio power cables and dressing them up neatly proved fof challenge but I am still working on it. Inside the box are also the interface cables needed for the TNC and computer.

On the right side you can see my 12 volt 8 Amp Hr battery. A simple metal strap holds it securely in the box for transport and Anderson PowerPole connectors make connections simple and allows for recharging without removing the battery. Finally the box comes with easily removable front and back transport covers. A sturdy side handle works well to carry the unit. The finished product weighs in at about 12 pounds, somewhat portable. I have displayed the box at various hamfests and have received very favorable comments. Figure 3- The Go-Box with transport covers attached. More and more, amateurs are being asked to quick deploy to everything from local public service drills to disaster scenes.

There are many types of Go-Boxes currently being assembled by amateurs. Mostly they are based on individual needs and available equipment. After I acquired the IcomI decided it was time to assemble my own version. While it was functional, it lacked good access for service and no extra storage. It also had a very heavy power supply. My current version is based on the popular Gator Roller Rack Case. Built-in wheels make transporting the box very easy. The same equipment is used in this version with two exceptions. The old power supply was replaced with an MFJ compact switching supply that weighs only 3 pounds.

The case also utilizes a storage drawer which houses equipment manuals, a laptop computer, RF connectors and adapters and other misc accessories.

This design is a vast improvement over my first box but was more expensive to assemble. Go Boxes have been the main focus of many articles in amateur radio publications foe during present and past meetings of the Ohio Section ARES. Over the last several years I have been collecting information on Go-Box design and have fabricated several different types. Continued below I have posted pictures of my designs and those of the many amateurs in the Ohio Section that have constructed their own versions. Please have a look at the many different type and think about what you would like to build.

Feel free to use any of the designs shown and if you build your own, please consider sharing a short recap with me and include a picture for me to add to our collection.

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