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Adjustable Adult Harness

Top lying do ensures this contract can take old of tugging and conservative from your child as they move to reality by your side. We weird this information and endurance will serenade helpful and most obvious to all concerned.

Wearing the Special Needs Harness means a degree of freedom for them and their families that did not exist before. Prices quoted on our website do not Asult carriage charges or VAT. Welcome to Crelling Harnesses Ltd The Information contained on this web site is to assist that small and dedicated group of people caring for those with special needs. It is advisable to carry out a safety and risk assessment to first consider the problems involved and what the situation would be if the passenger is not wearing a special needs harness.

To fit the harness access is required between the seat back and seat cushion. We hope this information and advice will prove helpful and most valuable to all concerned. To comply with safety regulations, the vehicle safety belt must always be worn over the top of the harness. Since we started offering this option, it has by far become the most popular Accessory of choice. You can have your hands free while keeping them close.

The Houdini 31 Harness offers greater support due to a front PVC pad that is attached around the individual's torso with two straps fitted with anti-escape buckles. Please contact us if you need an accurate quotation. We also make a range of walking reins suitable for children and adults. The combination of the existing vehicle safety belt and the secondary harness offers added security for the passenger. Increase the security of the Special Needs Harness by adding any combination of Accessories; Buckle Covers that fit over the regular buckles or the Locking Bucklesyou can have your harness made with Locking Buckles instead of regular buckles the Locking Buckles require 2 hands to open, and for ultimate security cover the Locking Buckles with Buckle Coversorder Crotch Straps for wearing with the harness.

The Special Needs Harness has 2 chest straps that comfortably hug larger bodies to securely hold onto your child.

Harness Adult

harnesd Top quality construction ensures this harness can take years of tugging and pulling from your child as they learn to walk by your side. Please note that this vehicle harness is not classed as safety harness but as a medical device for postural support. Crelling Harnesses is a friendly family based company offering a full range of seatbelts and harnesses for children and adults with special needs. Could they be in danger to themselves and to other passengers in the vehicle or even other drivers on the road if they are not safely seated during travel?

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Use the handle to keep your child right by your side when walking short distances or in crowded locations. Crelling Harnesses are not classed as safety harnesses. Order your harness with a Permanent Handle to keep your child at your side in crowded places or for short walks to the car.

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