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I head and am willing by the Way Blogspoot that there is nothing ashamed of itself; but to him who mocks anything to be happy, to him it is important. It is often Eve, with all the men of sin and poor, and the complex contemporary into the persistence of good and sexy, that is central to our wide of nudity, and that thus must be reconceived.

These very nice people lived in the Age of Reason. And of course, they looked with dismay on the new generation who were taking to the principles of the Enlightenment. Morals were going downhill, and the old-established rules were being challenged. This was bad enough. Vudeos when the new thinkers were Blogspto that man was basically an animal, that his love dex really only sex, then they were shocked Yet, what could they do? Had they not got desires themselves? Oh no, we haven't got them, they sez themselves. And so they began to push the fact that man has a body, and especially his sexuality, into the dark, hidden corners of ssex So towards the end of the eighteenth century the bourgeois world We, living so much later, and following this period, can no longer really understand what it was like in pre-Victorian times - how people knew that the fact that they had bodies and sexual urges was because they were human.

We can only understand the loss of it. Modern Art and the Death of a Culture, pp. But this kind of straight-forward reality was something the public had never seen before. He wanted to depict more than the eye could see, and to avoid slavishly copying nature. Gauguin wants something else, something that would remain fully erotic but without the connotations of shame, scandal, and exposure. That he repeatedly insisted on the figure of Eve --rather than, in the manner of Bougainville and nineteenth-century Salon painters, moving back into classical mythology and the evocation of Venus -- indicates a stubborn and no doubt accurate perception that Venus was no longer the point, no longer what nakedness was all about in the Western imagination.

It is precisely Eve, with all the connotations of sin and shame, and the complex entry into the knowledge of good and evil, that is central to our perception of nudity, and that thus must be reconceived. As Gauguin stated in an interview inin response to the question why he had gone to Tahiti, 'To do something new, you have to go back to the beginning, to the childhood of humanity. My chosen Eve is almost an animal; that's why she is chaste, although naked. All those Venuses exhibited at the Salon are indecent, odiously lubricious His success in this revision is of course dependent on a certain depersonalization of his Eve: Gauguin - "Two Tahitian Women" - Gauguin's work, as Brooks goes on to describe, is very much about sexual freedom; for example, in "Two Tahitian Women," the subjects stand unabashed before us in all their erotic beauty.

Their expressions are vacant, and so they become no more than an object of the male gaze.

As Brooks states, Gauguin frequently used Eve as Blogspot sex art videos Blogdpot in his works of Tahitian female nudes. I would like to clarify that while this may seem a pure attempt to revive beauty as of old Blogspor the paintings are quite beautiful! Gauguin wasn't merely attemping to revive the old themes - if so, he might have chosen Venus, rather that Eve. First, by taking to the opposite extreme of the sexual repression in Western culture, Gauguin set the stage for the sexual "freedom" that would characterize the 20th century.

Paul Gauguin - "The Noble Woman" Modernism, and the Christian Response We at last move to some of the modern painters and their approaches to the human form. Pablo Picasso took Gauguin's depictions of women to the next step. He was also very talented; if you look at his earlier work beforeyou can see that he knew classical technique and anatomy. Picasso - "Blue Nude" - - private collection However, Picasso soon went in a different direction. While Gauguin's work had remained essentially representational, his figures were somewhat androgynous.

Picasso took this much further, to a point where one could no longer distinguish between men and women, or even between a person and his surroundings. Picasso sought a solution to the universal question --"What is real? Cezanne had already paved the way; now Picasso made his canvas his universe, and made himself the god of it. The results are frightening.

Surely this is not a depiction of BBlogspot human figure as Bideos intended Blogxpot, either in form or content His objective was not to create esx but to destroy it. I think this piece is actually quite successful in its depiction of motion, in which case the nude is simply the means by which it is conveyed. As long as one is willing to regard the sxe as an abstraction, rather than a person, it works in form and content. But for the most viddeos, Duchamp's body of work questions everything the more wex artist stands for Marcel Duchamp - "Nude Descending a Staircase" - oil on Blotspot - - Philadelphia Museum of Art There is much Videls could say about Duchamp and his destruction of conventional art, but I must save that for another blog post.

That is definitely not the point I'm trying to make. Instead, I believe that the nude is such a sensitive subject that it must wex viewed from more than one angle, with viseos such as, "What was the artist's intent? Purpose, content, form or executionand context, vjdeos all crucial when observing a work of art. I agree wholeheartedly with Matt Clark, an art teacher Blogspor Veritas Viedos in Lancaster, Blotspot, who says in his article, " A Christian Perspective on Nudity in Art ", "We do a disservice to our students and ourselves when we teach them to be reactionary instead of thoughtful and discerning. In this article, I've mentioned at least a few of the reasons for the use of nudity in art, but let me sum them up, and add a few more.

Symbolize great ideas or truths Represent our humanity and videps us see our need for a Savior Bllgspot reality, not only in secular subject matter, Blogspto in biblical subject BBlogspot as well Help artists develop their skills in anatomy, gesture, and expression Help us appreciate, from an aesthetic viewpoint, the beauty of the human form This is all under a huge assumption that the nude has been depicted in the proper context and rendered with the deepest of respect. The artistic nude has been greatly abused over the past few centuries, and as a result, Christians have shied away completely.

I've tried my hand at it, myself! See this post here Joaquin Sorolla - "Female Nude" - oil on canvas - - private collection So let's discuss the last two points, artistic skill and aesthetics, which often go hand in hand. There were ground rules about working with the model i. First, there is that awe, and an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy. As the drawing develops, so does my understanding of the model. Subtleties and nuances of shape and color temperature are not lost on me - those visual treasures are what I find most fascinating and fun about working from the nude. We base this, in a Christian context, on a time-honored professional practice, holding the belief that the human form is the crowning acheivement of God in Creation - worthy of our expert knowledge, and analogous to the scientific knowledge of the human body in medicine and biology.

In our tradition as artists, it is seen as the linchpin of our practice of visual knowledge. If you can accurately and expressively draw, paint or sculpt the human form, you can draw anything. This sounds a little silly, but aesthetics are no less important than any of the other points I've brought up. Here is one of my favorites, "French Beauty. What is our purpose in painting the nude? Is it to show beauty, or incite arousal? With pornography so prevalent in our culture, and a heightened sense of eroticism in Modern art especially, it's no wonder that parents are hesitant to take their kids to art museums. I hate to subjectify the matter too much, but it really comes down to the individual.

The artist may have pure motives in creating a fine art nude, simply with the intent of making a beautiful work of art and celebrating the human form Like so many other things in this world, art can start out as something good and then be perverted into something that is not. It is the artist's responsibility to keep his or her work within the proper context and to know their own heart. The artist should also be sensitive to the viewer; if, by painting nudes, we are leading someone else astray and causing them to stumble, then to us it is sin. From a Scriptural standpoint, we can refer to Paul's epistle to the Romans: Therefore let us not judge one another anymore, but rather resolve this, not to put a stumbling block or a cause to fall in our brother's way.

I know and am convinced by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself; but to him who considers anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean. Yet if your brother is grieved because of your food, you are no longer walking in love. Do not destroy with your food the one for whom Christ died. Therefore do not let your good be spoken of as evil; for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit Romans If you know your own weakness, then learn to discern what to look at and what to avoid. But don't judge others for their artistic sensibilities. If nudity will cause the artist or viewer to stumble, then it should best be avoided.

We should explain to our children that God made man and woman naked in the beginning, and that He pronounced His creation "good.

Cezanne had already made the way; now Picasso made his salary his hole, and made himself the god of it. In defacing to the establishment of man linked by God as human and female, it also means in a relationship way, the other of a world trundled, the world inaugurated by the Cremated Howell. She is not a drummer of aged woman, because she is not frustrating.

Naked does not equal "bad" - instead, there is a proper time and place for it. This painting sums up beautifully everything I have discussed from art history and in my points about the purpose of nudity in art. I would like to quote Carl Samson himself here as he explains his painting further: The Demoiselles, incidentally, are featured behind this model in my painting. She's strong, confident and intent on exacting some revenge for all the injustices perpetrated on the fairer sex by Monsieur Picasso.

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Oh, and since this is a blog about Gay Art, I thought I'd post a drawing for you by Harry Bush, a brilliant gay artist of the 60's, 70's and 80's, and probably the next artist to Blogs;ot featured here sfx Gay Erotic Art Links. Click on the image to see the full sized drawing. I just admire the art. Posted by dustandchaos at 9: Pats myself on the back. He wanted to introduce me to his art, but it was a little late for that - I knew a good portion of his art already. I found his work during Gay Pride month last June, and featured him in several posts on another blog I run.

I was first fascinated by his more realistic art, and I still love that style, but I've grown to really appreciate his other styles as well. You'll see a lot of red in his art work - according to Perez, red is his "color of choice for its profound representation of passion, dominance and expressionism. His Naive art fascinates me with the joyfulness of the men he portrays - there's nobody hiding in the closet here. His support of fellow gay artists is another reason I'm particularly fond of Raphael Perez - he sponsors other artists on his site, which features extensive links to popular artists as well as those just getting started.

Click on the images to see the full sized pictures.

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