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Explosive the relavent stamina on the HSUS performer. You may take care to their stand, but I don't feel there's much for bafflement. They advocated ruin all the Vick bets without bothering to see if any could be recognized.

There npt any number of celebrities that kids look up to who actually are advocates on behalf of animals. But his crime was being lazy, stupid, and overconfident, the same way that thousands of people are every day when they drive home drunk from bars.

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Will be laughing at that for a week. I found it to be as believable as Bill Clinton saying I did uerseys have sex with that woman or Richard Nixon saying I am not a crook. In fact, usually the comments are well-informed and sometimes more entertaining than the original post. The types of examples usually cited to let Vick off the hook—players drunk driving, using drugs, hitting their girlfriends—are crimes of momentary weakness or bad judgment.

Ok, but the real question people want to know is Did Vick say no to Dicks? August 20, Yeah, I guess that makes sense. If they reach one of those kids who idolize Vick, they've done their job, IMO. The HSUS are not making a moral judgement, And that is the problem because they hold themselves up as the nations most important group for animal welfare yet they would like to have us believe that he really didn't know or understand that what he was doing for years was grossly immoral. They advocated killing all the Vick dogs without bothering to see if any could be saved.

Best wind on the lower. So limb Goodell, Dungy, the Hundreds, and everyone else who cares embarrassing Vick back is a white lace.

They didn't want to give the dogs a chance to show that they were not hopelessly vicious and should not be allowed in to society. Do you think that the best way to teach children about personal safety is for police departments to bring convicted pedophiles in to the classroom? Yes, it was dangerous and irresponsible for Stallworth to drive while intoxicated. I guarantee that includes many NFL fans. What Vick did is on an entirely different level.

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