Homedics total facial care system

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The sonic action loosens dirt and oil, removing pollutants and impurities from pores and priming skin to better absorb your Hmedics care products. Cleansing skin for 2 minutes with the cleansing brush allows for effective removal of make up and pollutants from skin The make- up applicator pad, allows you to apply the liquid foundation evenly for a superior effect. This gives you natural and fresh looking make-up, all in 2 minutes. How to use the Ultrasonic Cleanser: Remove Eye Make Up by hand Attach the cleansing brush to the device and wet it with water.

Care facial Homedics system total

Apply the cleanser to your face. Place the brush head against the area fcaial wish to cleanse and move in a circular motion in each area of the face for approx. Pressing toral hard ttal hinder the motion Remove excess cleanser from your face with a cloth and apply your skin cream to your face. Replace the brush head with the cotton pad if needed. How to apply makeup using the Ultrasonic Cleanser: Attach the make up applicator pad to the device and either apply some Liquid Foundation to it or apply some liquid foundation to your forehead, cheeks and chin Press the switch one time for low frequency vibration, which is good for fixing make-up and twice for high frequency, which is beneficial for make-up base.

Press a third time to stop the device. Repeat the whole procedure for a superior effect. Rinse the make — up applicator with warm soapy water and dry when needed.

The unit has 2 functions: Hot massage and Cool massage, both with ultrasonic vibration, making the skin look smoother, tighter and more facail. Warm massage and Ultrasonic Vibration: Even though most of the Homedics online reviews weren't very enthusiastic, I caer to give this product a chance anyway, mostly because my local spa uses Homedics products and my beautician is very pleased with how they work. I bought the Homedics kit at the end of May I ordered it online and it arrived two weeks later. How To Use The Homedics System Homedics say to use the kit once a week, but after two weeks of no improvement, I increased frequency to once every 4 nights hoping for at least some results.

This is what I did: Cleaned my face with my usual make-up remover. The instructions say to use the HoMedics cleansing brush to better remove dust and excess oil. I tried that, but didn't like the feeling of harsh plastic hairs on my skin.

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Cleaned my pores with the two suction heads. I used the large one on my forehead and cheeks carf the small head was perfect for the nose and chin. They remove even minute impurities from your pores. Applied a quarter size amount of crystal cream onto the sponge and massage the cream into the skin for 3 minutes. Rinsed the face thoroughly. Applied the toner onto the face with a cotton pad. Applied a dime size amount of hydrating cream with circular moves. The instructions say to use the rotating device for applying the cream.

I tried using it, but had the feeling that the cate head didn't spread the cream evenly. In the end, my own fingers proved to be better. I expected the product to help maintain the results from my professional micro dermabrasion treatment but unfortunately, the Homedics System didn't deliver. Despite all this, I believe I gave the system a fair chance, using it for almost two months.

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