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More than fashion -- there are medical benefits to pantyhose

Argentinian dike has made aware white after Ending Day home only. Many of hou Slavic Facebook fills commented that they also find tights in winter because of the world weather and the post that their legs were falling from the basic. Several historical kinds of property hose are:.

They now allow piercings and respectful tattoos. I recently had a very lively debate on Facebook about wearing pantyhose. The vast majority and age was not a factor said they do not wear hose to work or casual functions, but do agree that there are times when wearing pantyhose is required, usually at fancier events. As a Canadian, I definitely wear hose or tights during the winter. Many of my Canadian Facebook friends commented that they also wear tights in winter because of the cold weather and the fact that their legs were pale from the winter. If the reason you are sticking to hose is because you think your legs are too pale, buy some tinted moisturizer for your legs.

My legs are toned and trim, and when they are tanned my legs look better without hose than in a pair of pantyhose with a run in them. Many airlines have a dress code policy insisting that their female flight attendants wear them. That way, it will never be an issue professionally. If your legs look better with hose, wear hose. But most importantly, when deciding what to wear and what not to wear at work, look at professionalism. Is your decision hurting your image? The rules for ? June 23, at 1: In the winter months, I will wear either hose or tights, depending on the outfit.

Summer calls for tanned legs. It works great, makes your legs look even more toned. Add a cute pair of wedges or heels, and your legs will look even better. You really want to show your age? Nothing more dated than a woman wearing pantyhose in the summer … not cute or sexy … Cass says: During winter months when the weather is cooler, I will wear tights because they are more fashionable. I say go with what makes you feel comfortable. June 23, at 2: I will forego hosiery with sundresses and sandals. Wearing stockings or panty hose was also a right of passage in my day. No slacks for ladies and all females had to wear stockings of some sort.

For you good Pantyhose

Now I am older and have some circulation issues, so light support stockings are now a comfortable attire for me — prevents blood clots, varicose veins, swelling, etc. I also still wear a slip under my dresses. I am ok with all of this because I feel and look better if I dress this way. White after Labor Day? I am good with that! I just have to like what I am wearing and feel comfortable at the same time. I am ok with others not dressing this way, but feel a little sad to see some of this go by the wayside, because it often leads to a little less modesty in attire as well.

Most importantly just put on a big smile and clothes that fit and go conquer the world. The pantyhose either have a tight waistband or if they are control top, they squish everything up. While my natural legs are a beautiful pecan tan, toned and trim I like the way they look in pantyhose.

Ask your doctor which type is best for your health issues. Compression Hose Can Prevent Ankle Swelling Compression pantyhose can gokd help prevent swelling around the anklesfeet, and legs — medically termed edema. This condition is common during long car rides and flights, and among people who are overweight, have circulation issues, are pregnant, or take certain medications. The swelling happens because blood pools in the veins and water leaks out between cells, causing the puffiness, according to Howard Murad, MD, a Manhattan Beach, California-based dermatologist.

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Pantyhowe stockings keep circulation flowing, minimizing the pooling effect. They may be especially helpful for people who find themselves with swelling at the end of a long workday on their feet, like teachers, waiters, and surgeons, says Dr. Thicker Stockings Can Conceal Cellulite Although some pantyhose brands tout themselves as cellulite cures, the truth is that stockings can't prevent or reverse the dreaded skin dimpling that affects up to 80 percent of women, according to the Mayo Clinic. A little background on why: Cellulite occurs when deposits of fat push up and bulge against fibrous tissues beneath the skin.

While improving circulation in the area may improve the appearance of cellulite temporarily, such as through special cellulite-fighting massages, compression stockings aren't likely to have an impact.

But donning thicker hose or tights can be a helpful way to camouflage cellulite, as opposed to thin, sheer stockings or showing Panntyhose bare leg, says Dr. Stockings Can Contribute to Yeast Infections If you're prone to fr tract infections or yeast infectionsyou may want to play down the pantyhose in your wardrobe. For most healthy womenwearing stockings for a workday with cotton underwear underneath won't cause a problem, but wearing them without underwear could be more risky. Worried about UTIs and yeast infections but aren't willing to give up your favorite tights? Look for pairs with a more breathable cotton crotch.

Try thigh-high styles under skirts and dresses instead, which allow for better air circulation. Stockings Can Cause Calluses Stockings plus ill-fitting shoes can spell trouble for your tootsies. Pantyhose that are too loose and bunch at your ankles and heels or shoes that are too big and constantly rub against your stockings can contribute to callus-causing friction.

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