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Parmesan cheese, a favourite in lots of pleasurex, is also available in lots of shapes and sizes shaved, grated, or whole that will make you smile! Deli Deli No-fuss entertaining is simple with our fine deli meats, always sliced the way you want! Serve them so many ways—on an elegant deli meat platter that's sure to impress or in eye-catching sandwiches. To what extent are you enjoying your life? And when was the last time you did so? As creative people, we have the imagination to find creative ways to deny ourselves simple pleasures.

Even though I know better, sometimes I catch myself doing the same thing.

Right now, take a moment to list ten simple pleasures you love. Forget about cost or time or practicalities. Simplle are ten simple pleasures that give you joy? It might be particular activities like walking on the beach or reading outside. It could be a particular food — something from your childhood or something you just plain adore. Maybe it would be a treat to take a few hours and daydream…or do nothing at all.

Pleasures tm Simple

What are YOUR simple pleasures? How often do you plleasures yourself to these simple pleasures? Go down your list and write down, beside each item, the last time you indulged in this simple pleasures. I have too much to do. What could you be doing less ofif you were honest with yourself? Perhaps you spend time worrying or stressing or complaining.

Maybe clutter is making basic tasks take twice as long as they would, if your space was more organized. Have you got into a rut? Have you developed habits that need to be disrupted?

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