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Not a bad place to grab a few beers and check out the sights. That's why our laws say, 'You have certain rights, and an employer with more power than you can't make you sign them away.

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If you get caught in the dressing room, you will be fined. As Newman sees it, dancers are faced with "countless arbitrary fines that the club imposes totally at its whim. You come in and pay your house fee — that varies on what night you come in — and then you get to keep your tips on anything above that. No hanging out in the dressing room. Eardley calls the suit bogus and maintains that he's following standard practices. NO touching or crotch diving of any patrons at any time," and more: The club is a decent size rectangle, with the main stage right in the middle.

Grand co Strip junction club in

They've been told they are no longer allowed to work there, which is another violation of the law, and the owner has been making specific threats against the workers, which will be the subject of additional legal claims we bring against him and the club. Most of the girls were nice, and sat down to chat for a few minutes before asking for a dance. From what Newman understands, the dancers signed some type of agreement before they were allowed to work there, "but the owner will not let any of them have a copy of it. And they don't receive a salary.

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